Part-Time Coverage

The JUA will permit a premium discount/credit for the following part time physicians and dentists.

  • Retired non-practicing physicians or dentists donating time to charitable or non-profit organizations (i.e. Free Clincs)
  • Residents moonlighting at rural or small community emergency room departments
  • Part time and/or semi-retired physicians or dentists who are working no more than eighty-five hours per month.
  • Government employed physicians and dentists requesting coverage for outside activities (such as VA Hospital, state or county health department or a teaching hospital)
  • Physicians and dentists who are employed by a hospital or other facility requesting coverage for outside activities.

Credits provided by the JUA for part-time coverage are as follows:

  • 50% credit for up to 21 hours per month
  • 40% credit for 22-43 hours per month
  • 30% credit for 44-85 hours per month
  • 0% credit for over 85 hours per month.


  • A Part Time Physician/Dentist Professional Liability Application must be completed by the applicant every year for the purposes of determining whether the applicant is eligible for this type of coverage.
  • The hours reported to the JUA for rating purposes are subject to audit at the JUA’s discretion.
  • Physicians or dentists who are subject to experience rating or scheduled rating surcharges are not eligible for this part time discount.

Please visit The Resource Center /  Applications and Forms page on to download an application for part time coverage.