The SC JUA Difference

When it comes to choosing a medical professional liability insurance provider, you need a partner, someone who will stand beside you and help you make the tough decisions. You also need an ally who will aggressively defend you. Now more than ever, you need a provider who is personal, proactive and proven.


As a company rooted in South Carolina, we are able to provide you with a truly personal experience. This means more than friendly and prompt service. It means having a partner sitting at the table with you. From face-to-face meetings with claims specialists to tailor-made defense strategies, this personal attention is what makes the JUA truly unique.


We are dedicated to helping you stay in front of medical liability risk, to manage it effectively and to be informed about new trends as the practice of medicine continues to evolve. For more than 40 years, the JUA has worked directly with insureds to re-evaluate coverage needs on a practice-by-practice basis, as our insureds’ practices have expanded, merged or changed. Today, we offer more medical professional liability coverage options than any other carrier in South Carolina. We offer both Claims-made and Occurrence forms, semiannual risk management classes for new doctors, the most knowledgeable underwriters in the business, a 90+% success rate in the court room, and a promise that you will not have your coverage dropped if you have a claim.1

We leverage our knowledge and experience for the benefit of the entire medical community in South Carolina, not just our insureds. We played a significant role in leading the effort to secure tort reform, and have helped sustain South Carolina as an attractive market in which to practice medicine. That’s not just good for our state’s medical providers, but also for the patients they care for.

We are proud of the tradition we have established as a leader in medical professional liability insurance, and honored by the trust that has been placed in us.


When something is proven, it is established beyond doubt. With the JUA, all you have to do is look at our track record to establish beyond doubt what the JUA delivers:

Proven VALUE

Competitively priced comprehensive coverage options across all medical specialties combined with unsurpassed defense capabilities and personal service.


While other insurance providers have come and gone, we have stood strong in South Carolina for more than 38 years. Our longevity in the market and exclusive dedication to serving South Carolina’s medical providers is unsurpassed.

Proven record of DEFENSE

Our primary focus is protecting the professional interests of the medical providers we insure. We resolve the vast majority of cases we see without payment, and over 90% of cases that go to court conclude with a defense verdict. Our entire team of claims specialists is here in South Carolina. We know the jurisdiction, the best attorneys and have successfully defended more doctors in South Carolina than any other carrier.