Board of Directors

In any given year, physicians, dentists, insurance brokers, attorneys and a variety of other professionals serve on the JUA Board of Directors. This breadth of experience allows us to examine healthcare challenges from several different viewpoints and make decisions that will benefit South Carolina’s medical professionals now and in the future.

Chairman’s Message

2015 will mark the South Carolina JUA’s 40th year of continuous service to our state’s medical providers. It’s quite a milestone by any measure. There have been many accomplishments of which we can all be proud. The JUA has enhanced the attractiveness of our state as a place to practice medicine, taken a leadership role in driving for tort reform, and established a track record of winning cases in South Carolina that is unmatched by any other carrier.

On the financial front, the JUA is continuing a strong positive trend. Underwriting performance has been excellent, and rates have steadily adjusted downward for the last three years. All of this is good for South Carolina medical providers and their patients.

As we prepare for and anticipate even greater change in the practice of medicine in the years ahead, I am confident that the JUA will remain a steady, positive force in the market.

I am immensely proud of the accomplishments of this organization over the last 40 years, and its positive contributions to both medical providers and their patients across South Carolina. It is an honor to serve as Chairman, and to assure you that the South Carolina JUA, your JUA, will continue that tradition of service for decades to come.

William H. Hester, MD
South Carolina Medical Malpractice Liability JUA